how to install Skype on Ubuntu 12.04

February 3, 2013 in Linux

I have recently installed ubuntu 12.04 and as always i needed skype and of course i have found lots of tutorials over the internet explaining how to make it , lots of *doesn’t work for me* and many more.
I will explain the fastest way to install skype on ubuntu .

alex@localhost:~$ sudo su -
[sudo] password for alex: 
root@localhost:~# cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep partner
## 'partner' repository.
#deb precise partner
#deb-src precise partner

Notice that partner repository is disabled by default but exists so the only thing to do is to enable it by removing *#* from the beginning of deb and deb-src statements si it will look like this :

root@localhost:~# cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep partner
## 'partner' repository.
deb precise partner
deb-src precise partner

After these have been done just update apt

root@localhost:~# apt-get update
root@localhost:~# apt-get install skype

You will find skype installed under Dash Home >> search >> Skype
Have fun